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Folders pose a unique challenge, a melding of strength and delicacy. Working with the hardest of materials to the smallest of tolerances. The contrast of working space age titanium and 20,000 year old mammoth tooth where thousanths of an inch matter.Folders truly are the next evolution on the journey.

Cathedral Agate Slip Joint

double bolster in jigged bone

Tigers Eye Slip Joint

Gentleman's Walrus Ivory Slipjoint

Bark Mammoth ivory Slipjoint

Leopard Skin Slip Joint

Pietersite Inlay Slip Joint

Variagated Jade Slip Joint

Chevron Amethyst slippy

SLip Joint with Petrified Wood Inlay

Slip Joint with Jade inlay

Silver Mine interframe slipjoint

In a Winters Garden - Matched Pair

Ironwood Interframe Slipjoint

Ironwood Swayback

Ambonya Slip Joint

Interior Walrus Ivory Slip Joint

Yukon style slip joint

Ancient Walrus slip joint

mammoth ivory slip joint
Mammoth Tooth Liner Lock Open

Mammoth Tooth Liner Lock
Ealy Damascus Linerlock Open

Ealy Damascus with Blacklip Linerlock
Matt Walker Linerlock Open

Matt Walker Linerlock

In a Japanese Garden

Mother of Pearl Inlay

Dragon Skin Folder

Fire Coral damascus

The Egg

The Tigers Eye

Pair of Wharnecliffes

Yellow tooth

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